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Our story

Let me tell you 
our journey

It all began with the love of giving our own pets Fred and Betty a natural selection of treats and if possible, from British manufacturers. We scoured the UK for suppliers of responsibly sourced natural dog treats, and are positive we've found something suitable for every dog, whatever their size or dietary requirements.

Mother and daughter owners, Emma and Alice are passionate animal lovers, having always had a family dog or two! From the love of our own dogs, we embarked on a journey to source UK pet treats. This desire involved us doing lots of research to the point where we found so many great products, we figured it would be great for other dog owners to benefit from all the work we did. We hope that your four legged friends, also enjoy the tasty treats we've found, taste tested by our very own Fred, Betty and all of their doggy friends.

Fred, our lovely little nine year blind Parsons Jack Russell has a very good sense of smell and taste since he lost his sight at around 3 years old. Betty our Dogue de Bordeaux is a typical young bitch (oh behave!) at 2 years old and loves great food, treats and toys. The enthusiastic excitement they both have when new treats arrive through the door, sniffing the box and trying to tear it open, as dogs do, is so lovely to see and we wanted to share this experience with other dog lovers and their pets too. It's literally like Christmas every month.
Go ahead and spoil your pet! We all love food and so do our dogs, whether it's just a treat or reward for being good, or like we do, give them a treat when we go out or at bedtime.

When you order your selection from our online store, we will deliver our edible treats, toy boxes and bundles straight to your door. They are carefully handpicked by our very own family team and suitable for all dogs.

We're sure your pets will enjoy our specially handpicked selection of treat bundles or treat and toy boxes. The treats are available to purchase individually as  "Gift Items" or on a regular basis as  "Subscriptions" and can be tailored to suit your pets. The treats within our selections are varied each month to give your dogs variety and enable you to find their favourites, so if you choose our subscription service, rest assured they will be different, but of course, if during this experience your pet finds something they don't like please notify us or if they discover a new favourite then we can start to include that on a regular basis too.

Enjoy! Emma, Alice Fred and Betty x