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Your secret canine valentine
We've just had Valentines Day and many of us have celebrated our love for one another simply by pondering on all of the things we do for each other all year round. We've gone out for meals, bought our loved ones chocolates and flowers, purchased or even made a special card for our beloved etc.. […]
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Caring for your blind dog
Fred's blindness Caring for your blind dog is a challenge as we know all too well here at Fred & Betty's Treats. Let me tell you about it. We were so excited when we got our lovely Fred as a puppy, we chose him because of his cute face and his long wiry haired coat. […]
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Tips for Looking After Your Dogs in Winter
Be Seen It's not been as cold this winter as some others I can remember but there have been a few exceptions here and there and while walking our lovely dogs through the Derbyshire countryside it got me to thinking as to how much harder you think about your dogs in winter. About the specific […]
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Don't let your doggie chew the furniture!
So you've brought your new 'Best Friend' home with you from a breeder or animal rescue centre and he's nervous, yet excited to get into his new home. Everything is different and he's curious and wants to know how everything smells and tastes. He may be getting drool everywhere, that's not uncommon and we make […]
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Training your dog with the help of dog treats Part 1
Training a new dog or puppy can often be a very daunting task as many of you dog owners know. You really need to concentrate and predict their behaviour as best as possible but be prepared for confusion on the part of your dog and a few surprises along the way. You are effectively learning […]
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